Episode 19 Featuring Rynda Laurel

From Rock & Roll To Recovery, To Catalyst, Strategist & Entrepreneur  Rynda is a fierce advocate for transformation. She lives in the world as a beautiful expression of creative passion, courageous adventure and selfless service. Listen with an open mind and heart as Rynda shares her experience, strength and hope. You know how you meet [...]

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Episode 16 – Careena Chase – The Power & Wisdom of Healing

Episode 16 Careena Chase Careena, thank you so much for sitting down and being willing to be so open and vulnerable with us. From the moment we met in Idylwild, you’ve been among my favorite people on the planet. Your love, wisdom and generous life touches and inspires the hell out of me. I am [...]

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Light In A Spoon – Episode 15 – The Extraordinary Discovered In The Ordinary

Episode 15 The Extraordinary Discovered In The Ordinary I mentioned in the podcast show notes will contain one item. A link to the film "Kumare". This is a must see especially in this desperate time it is critical that we become our own guru. It is vital that WE rise up and lay hold of [...]

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Light In A Spoon – Episode 14 – Gary Allen

Episode 14 - Gary Allen   This week’s guest is among a very few people who have actually been involved in search for extraterrestrial life. He has been witness to and recorded events of contact with ET’s and has come to the conclusion that they are here among us and mean us no harm. I for one am [...]

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Light In A Spoon – Episode 13 – Alex Carlbon

Have you met people along the way that seem to have a powerful sense of purpose or as one of me ‘teachers’, James Altucher invites us all to, “Choose Yourself”!  Alex Carlbon is one of those people that have a view of what their life is to be about AND is courageous enough to live [...]

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