Episode 14 – Gary Allen 

 This week’s guest is among a very few people who have actually been involved in search for extraterrestrial life. He has been witness to and recorded events of contact with ET’s and has come to the conclusion that they are here among us and mean us no harm. I for one am hoping they are here to help. God knows we need some kind of intervention and redirection as ‘stewards’ of the earth.  

In fact maybe they can help remind us we are ‘Stewards’ and here to care for and live in alignment with the earth. Yes let us be reminded of that. 

Gary Allen has been a long time peace officer and although retired is still active in honoring the heroes of our law enforcement community. 

A couple of books I might suggest is Dan Millman’s “Way Of The Peaceful Warrior” and don Miguel Ruiz’ new book “The Wisdom of The Shamans” Yep get it and find out why I would suggest this on in connection with this podcast episode.

Gary, thank you for taking your time to share you wisdom, your love, your experience. You my friend are a powerful force for good in the world. Stay true to assisting the rest of us in opening our hearts and minds beyond our ‘seen’ reality. 

In closing, walk in the world as a poet. “Pour light into a spoon and then lift it to nourish many, many, many beautiful parched holy mouths. 


Until next time, Peace & Love, 


Light In A Spoon