Have you met people along the way that seem to have a powerful sense of purpose or as one of me ‘teachers’, James Altucher invites us all to, “Choose Yourself”!  Alex Carlbon is one of those people that have a view of what their life is to be about AND is courageous enough to live in alignment with what they are being called to do; to be.

 When I met Alex he was living out of his Toyota 4Runner carrying several of his paintings with him, hoping and working to sell them on his own as he met people along the way. At the time, and this was only in Dec of 2017 he barely had an Instagram account and no website. Today,Tues April 9th, 2018 you can find Alex everywhere, including his website www.alexcarlbon.com

Which is amazing. Alex, I am inspired by who you continue to be and become. You can find Alex on Instagram, FaceBook and from his website, locate him at an upcoming ‘Show’ at an art gallery near you.


Alex talks about the use of psychedelics, our education system, politics, relationships from the perspective of his own experience. I for one will trust a person with an experience over someone with an argument.

Alex, thank you for sharing your time, your experience and your wisdom with us. My brother, continue to be true to yourself and as you are, your life and your art will inspire many. You, my brother are living the definition of Hafiz’ ‘Poet’ for your are a master of the magic of pouring light into a spoon and then lifting it to nourish many, many beautiful parched holy mouths.

May each of us, and goddamnit, age is no excuse, live with intention, passion and by all means live to contribute to the expansion of our human experience of love, 


kindness, and caring for one another.

Peace & Love my brothers & sisters,


Light In A Spoon