Light in a Spoon
Episode 5 - Tyffany Howard

Tyffany is an extraordinary woman and her story is among to most creative and unique I’ve had the privilege of uncovering and sharing. She is a highly accomplished attorney, a mystic, a cou-rageous warrior of love and truth. She left “everything” familiar and followed the guiding voice of intuition.

That “voice” led Tiffany to live in her truck for extended periods of time…more than once. She even became despairing of life itself…more than once. Yet she still remained faithful to what she felt was a powerful call. Life wasn’t the glorious ‘yellow brick road’to fame and wealth. No like may masters it led her into a wilderness. But in that wilderness, asis often the case, the woman who entered died an existential death and the woman who emerged has brought with her a life and a message of powerful transformation.

Today Tyffany is returning to the law to represent what Jesus would call “the least of these” (my contribution). She is also the author of several books “Tap Into Transformation” co-authored with Sandra Kimler, “Tap That”, “taptap: Tracy’s hair…God made it special”, “Spiritual ‘girl love’poems” and “tap that too!: Healing the Death Trauma”