Light in a Spoon
Light in a Spoon
Episode 28 - Sam Goewey A Lovable Tragedy

I met Sam in the rooms of a 12 Step Program for substance abuse. Sam has a very unique view of the world and his recovery, including “drinking having a spiritual component” (listen close for that one). He referred to himself as a ‘lovable tragedy’…the dude is just damned lovable.

As I’ve come to know Sam, his wisdom and his heart for others has been attractive. I am pretty sure you’ll come to love him too.

Sam is a poet and generously pours his light into a spoon and he lifts it to nourish many beautiful parched holy souls. For those who understand service  to others, you know what I mean.

Sam offers resources that have moved the needle for him. Find them on Amazon. Click on the links.

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Until next episode become the poet that resides within you; “Pour Light Into A Spoon and lift it to nourish many, many, many beautiful parched holy mouths.”