Light in a Spoon
Light in a Spoon
Episode 27 - Betsy Hartley

You will be inspired by this courageous woman and incredibly generous human being. You will also love her just released book “All Bets Are Off”

Betsy took on her life right where she found herself. Diabetic, dramatically overweight. She hired a coach, Spencer Newell; yes the same Spencer Newel of Episode 24 and the life partner of last weeks guest Tracey Hulick of Episode 26.

Betsy Thank you for your incredible determination to transform your life and then the courage to  lend your voice to encourage all of us to “not go silently into the night” but lean in to life, find the inspiration required and get busy taking action to have the human experience be as exquisite as it possibly can be.

In addition to her new book, Betsy is also cofounder of Novo Veritas

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