Light in a Spoon
Light in a Spoon
Episode 25 - Cylvia Hayes

Cylvia had been an environmental consultant and founder of 3 E Consulting. She then became “First Lady” of the State of Oregon and long time partner of former Gov John Kitzhaber. Of course, she had reached a level in public life where anything and everything becomes open season for journalists and the media. In October of 2014 Cylvia received a call from a journalist that uncovered “her past”. I will let Cylvia share her story of her “fall from grace” and subsequent rise to become a powerful force for transformation and…Authenticity.

This episode brings home the wisdom of “never quit…NO MATTER WHAT”. My conversation with Cylvia Hayes inspires me to remember that the perceived failures…aren’t…failures at all. NOT AT ALL!

Be looking for her forthcoming book. Click here to view Cylvia’s TEDx Talk “Who Do You Think You Are, Really? TEDxBend. You can also find Cylvia on Facebook & Instagram.

Cylvia is a powerful woman who walks in the world with a life that is “transformation lived” which means she may have a thing or two to share with us…and SHE DOES!!!

Cylvia, thank you for taking time and gracing us with your story, your courage and your love. As always I remind us all to explore the life of what the Sufi Mystic referred to as “A Poet”. “A Poet is someone who can pour light into a spoon and lift it to nourish your beautiful, parched holy mouth.

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Cylvia’s TedX Talk

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