Light in a Spoon
Light in a Spoon
Episode 24 - Spencer Newell

I got a call one day last summer from Craig Foster, a fellow ultra running buddy and brother in recovery saying “I just heard a guy by the name of Spencer Newell #spencernewell #appetiteforaddiction on the David Clarke Podcast and I think he lives pretty damned close to you.” I tracked down Spencer, who indeed lives in Bend, OR. I reached out via FB Messenger and we connected for this episode of ‘Light In A Spoon’.

Spencer has since become a good friend and a man I respect the hell out of. 

Spencer’s life is chronicled in his book, “Appetite For Addiction”. He speaks with courage and vulnerability about the wreckage of a past caught in the merciless grip of active alcoholism and addiction. However, the story continues to unfold. Spencer has risen out of the incomprehensible demoralization that comes, part and parcel with addiction to begin life as a professional triathlete, coach, personal trainer…and if I can have any influence, the author of a second book that covers the power and beauty of his ‘recovery’.

Please welcome Spencer Newell. Spence, any chance you’d be willing to be a ‘regular’ on Light In A Spoon? I think we could create some real goodness and share it.

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Spencer, I want to thank you again for bringing ALL of you to this conversation. Keep it real and keep it moving my brother. I also want to thank the with Soul Social Media Agency team of Holly JustHolly + Tambi  Lane for handling getting these episodes T’d up and ‘live’. And as always thank you Jay Pinto of #JayPintoMusic for the theme song “We Breathe The Same Air”.

Until next episode be at least curious and try on being a Poet. “A Poet is someone who can pour light into a spoon and then lift it to nourish your beautiful parched holy mouth.