Light in a Spoon
Light in a Spoon
Episode 23 - Ann Rivera

Journey to The Heart…

For several weeks, I will be providing a reminder of our new “Spoonful Of Light Superfoods”.

It is a proprietary blend of 36 certified organic fruits, vegetables and superfoods that support immune function, increase endurance and energy. It also provides protection against inflammation as it is highly alkalizing. This formula is the purest I’ve found and we, at Light In A Spoon are excited to offer “Spoonful Of Light Superfoods.

Ok this weeks guest is a special treat as I met her after picking up her book “Journey To The Heart Of Pachamama” and discovered she lives right here in Bend, OR. Ann Rivera is a woman of courage, adventure, love and service. Our conversation tells her fascinating story of professional volley ball in Europe, the plunge into active alcoholism and the courageous journey into sobriety and recovery. Lastly she shares her incredible adventure into remote regions of Peru, initially inspired to volunteer at a school in a high mountain village, and the ensuing path she followed to find her ‘calling’ and her true love…as in the man she met on a backpacking trip and eventually married. I am not kidding!!! Things like that still happen.

Ann, is a woman who knows the meaning of “to thine own self be true”. She lives a life of truth, compassion and service.

Ann, thank you for sitting down with me and sharing with us what a well lived life can look like.

Mary Oliver (poet) says in her poem “Instructions for Living A Life”; Pay attention, Be astonished, Tell about it. According to Mary, Ann lives a hell of a life…please listen as she “Tells” us about it.

Welcome Ann Rivera!!!

Until next episode, join the magic of living in this fashion…”…pour light into a spoon and then lift in (in loving service) to nourish, a beautiful parched holy mouth.” While you’re at it, make it many, many, many beautiful parched holy mouths.