Light in a Spoon
Light in a Spoon
Episode 22 - Jason Robey

Having spent the better part of the last 7 years on my own ‘Quest’ or spiritual odyssey, I love meeting people who are very consciously embarking upon or have traveled a bit on their own. I met Jason at the very genesis of his. I was a campground host at Black Rock Canyon, in Joshua Tree National Park. Jason stopped by “5th Wheel Studios”, aka my home on wheels to inquire about getting a site.

We spent some time talking. At least long enough for him to have shared with me that he had just left the Discovery Channel after 20yrs. It was his first night alone in a tent…and that he was going to be on the road for the better part of the next year. This was May of 2018. As I write this I have no idea where he is in the world. The last time we met in September to record this, he was shortly on his way to Africa.

So you ask, between May and September did you guys stay in touch. Nope. IT JUST SO HAPPENED that I was on a 3 day trail running excursion to circumnavigate Mt Rainier on the Wonderland Trail. Day 3 late in the day had me coming down through our last 8 miles. On a fairly steep part of the trail, I spotted a tall hiker climbing into the altitude from which we had just
come. As I approached him this man pointed at me and asked “hey weren’t you a camp host in Joshua Tree earlier this year?” “Holy shit, Jason what the f#@$ are you doing here?”

He said “I’m here for 3 more days and then off to…”frankly I can’t remember. But the fact that he was in the area for a few more days and the fact I had gathered my wits about me, I asked if he would be willing to record an episode of Light In A Spoon. We met at his campsite on the mountain…it was ‘shit-cold’ and we stood bundled in winter gear and enjoyed an exquisite hour of ‘getting caught up’. We also traveled into Jason’s past and his vision for a very cool future. Jason Robey, thank you my brother for taking time to share your wisdom, experience and hope for a future with all of us. Seriously my brother, THANK YOU!!!

I also am taking a moment to let all of you know I have returned to my entrepreneurial ways and am launching a powerful Superfoods Greens called Spoonful of Light Superfoods (SOLS). The proprietary blend is 36 fruits, vegetables and superfoods such as Macca, Spirulina, and Chlorella. ALL ingredients are Certified Organic. This is NOT a supplement. It is indeed a compliment to any nutritional regimen you may have.

We are currently offering 2 products. 1. The Superfoods 2. The Superfoods infused with ‘full spectrum, cannabinoid-rich hemp. Each serving, 1 teaspoon will contain 10mg of natural with NO chemical extraction, CBD.

Please feel free to inquire at and I will respond with pricing and availability.

As always thank you for being on this journey. As such we are poets and a “Poet is someone who can pour light into a spoon and lift it to nourish your beautiful parched holy mouth”.

Be The Light
Greg, “Alchemist”