Light in a Spoon
Light in a Spoon
Episode 20 - Steve Bell

This week’s guest is also a deeply loved and respected friend of 34 years. I met Steve In January of 1985 and we connected without even trying. We raised our families together as though we were family. My youngest son Chris works for Steve’s company, Bellmont Industries, and still refers to him as “uncle” Steve.

This may give you some insight into the character of this man. When my son Chris, who is special needs, was 8 years old and Bellmont, (then Pacific Crest Cabinets) was a ‘barely surviving’ startup, Steve said to him “When you graduate high school you come see “Uncle” Steve and I will have a job for you.” It was pretty common for Chris to get a reminder. 10 years later and Bellmont had grown to a multi-million dollar a year business Steve was true to his word and hired Chris. Chris continues to work there and lives a big life considering what he was dealt.

There are words that describe each of us and I would like to take a moment to share with you the adjectives that come to mind when I think of this man; integrity, love, compassion, brilliant, FAITHFUL, devoted…and pretty damned smart. 

When I met Steve he was cutting cabinet doors on a manual saw in his garage and had one customer…his father-in-law, Fred Lang. Today Steve, along with his 2 sons, Casey & Tyler have built Bellmont into THE premier kitchen and bath cabinet manufacturer in the US. It is with a sense of honor and true pride that I share the story of one of the most respected men I’ve known. It is with gratitude I call him FRIEND.

Steve is truly a poet and pours his light into a spoon and lifts it to nourish many, many, many beautiful, parched, holy mouths. I’ll raise my hand and join him. Won’t you???

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