Light in a Spoon
Light in a Spoon
Episode 18 - Sandra Kimler

Sandra was introduced to me through Tyffany Howard who, by the way was my guest for episode 4. As Tyffany and I were wrapping up our conversation she said “you have to meet my friend Sandra from Australia. She would be a wonderful contribution to Light In A Spoon.”

Sandra & I first became friends on Facebook where I began getting acquainted with her work as an author and an entrepreneur. Sandra is the creator and founder of Sun Love Greens, Australia and the author of “So, Why Become Vegan”. 

Sandra came to the states earlier this year to spend a month long holiday with Tyffany Howard.  Sandra made arrangements to carve out a few extra days while visiting her son who had followed her from Australia to spend time with his father in LA. She came for a short visit while I was living in Joshua Tree, CA to record this episode of the podcast.

I have no doubt you will admire the purity of her soul, her commitment to her “Truth” and her generous spirit. Sandra’s devotion to gifting the planet with sustainable nutrition through Sun Love Greens brings immense respect.  In her ‘spare time’ Sandra is a devoted mother and mentor to 3 beautiful and very active adult children.

Sandra is true to her powerful message of plant based nutrition (Vegan), her commitment to animal rights, and sustainability for the planet. Take a moment to subscribe to her YouTube channel . You will become acquainted with her life on a 30 acre working orchard,  her duck Barry along with both the science and magic that has be come Sun Love Greens. You will almost certainly be inspired by Sandra.

You can connect with Sandra on Facebook, Sandra Kimler, Byron Bay Australia; Instagram, @sandrakimler and her website

If you are interested or even curious about becoming plant based or vegan you’ve got to get her book “So, Why Become Vegan”. 

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