The time don Jose graces us with is truly a gift. Jose is a teacher, a Shaman, a friend to many and a ‘son of God’. I have received inspiration from his writings and love from his presence.

Jose is a true teacher in that his teachings point us to the source of all of our good…The realm of our true power and happiness…the ‘kingdom within’. Jesus, in the New Testament, calls it “The Kingdom of God” and “The Kingdom of Heaven”. A true teacher is a ‘finger pointing to source’. Even the Buddha said “I am but a finger pointing at the moon”. A true teacher empties our head and fills our core.

I have read don Jose’s books and I have sat with him for 8 days as he taught a group of us the ways of the Toltec people in Teotihuacan, MX. Jose’s books include “The 5th Agreement”, co-written with his father don Miguel Ruiz, and “My Friend the Rattlesnake” to name just 2 in addition to his recent release “The Wisdom of The Shamans”.

I have learned much and have been deeply moved by this man’s teachings, but I have been ‘changed’ by his love.

don Jose, thank you for sharing your love and your wisdom with our Light
In A Spoon tribe.