Episode 16 Careena Chase

Careena, thank you so much for sitting down and being willing to be so open and vulnerable with us. From the moment we met in Idylwild, you’ve been among my favorite people on the planet. Your love, wisdom and generous life touches and inspires the hell out of me. I am sure your life will inspire many who listen to our conversation.

Careena has been moved powerfully by a few teachers along the way. She has become acquainted with Dr Joe Dispenza of “The Secret” fame. We are providing links to 2 of his books, “Becoming Supernatural” & “Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself

Careena is a poet indeed in that she pours light into a spoon everyday, and lifts it to nourish many beautiful parched holy mouths.

I also want to thank Luke for all of the post recording work including managing our social media, iTunes and website.

Jay Pinto, thank you for allowing us to use “We Breathe The Same Air”. We are all in this together. Let’s make shift happen.

Careena’s story opens my heart and mind to pouring my light into a spoon…NO MATTER WHAT! Let it open yours.

Be The Light, pour it freely,