Nate Lanting, for me is one of those men that meeting him is coming home to a best friend.

Nate is the director of Recovery Beyond Paradigm and works closely with another podcast favorite, Marc Urisino. 

This man walks in the world with a wide-open heart to serve. He is devoting his life to guiding people in recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism, to new heights…literally. One of the programs that Nate directs is “Climb Out of Homelessness”. Every year 10-12 men and women who are in treatment at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission or the Tacoma Rescue Mission’ are selected and have the opportunity to train and prepare for a summit of Mt Rainier. This is no easy task and each person learns to endure miles of hiking, climbing skills and the ability to keep going when everything in them is scream “WTF what in the hell are you doing to me?”

In the summer of 2016 I had the priviledge of climbing with the team as a porter (sherpa) in support of the summit team. We carried 40-50lbs to Camp Muir on Mt Rainier.

During our conversation We discuss a documentary called “A New High that I highly suggest you see. It will touch move and inspire you to take on seemingly daunting things in your own life. It will also speak to the strength and determination found within the human spirit. I can’t help think it will want to make you want to get off the damn sofa and hit a trail.

Until next episode; Be a poet to and with the people in your life. Pour light into a spoon (work your magic) and then lift it to nourish many, many, many beautiful parch holy mouths.

Mad Love,