Light in a Spoon
Light in a Spoon
E 26-Tracey Hulick

My introduction to Tracey Hulick came as I sat with Spencer Newell, LIAS guest on Episode 24. We were comparing notes regarding early inspiration for endurance running. I recounted my inspiration leading up to running my first marathon in October of 2006. I had donated a kidney to my younger sister Amy in Chicago, October of 2005, the same week of the 2005 Chicago Marathon…Spencer stopped me and said, “dude you’ve gotta meet my girlfriend Tracey. She donated a kidney and has started an organization called “Kidney Donor Athlete…” And she is an endurance runner too. 

Spencer gave me Tracey’s contact info and thus began what has become a dear connection and friendship with a stellar human. I am going to let Tracey share her story, her love and the passion that drives her to raise awareness for living organ donation through her organization, FaceBook and Instagram @Kidney Donor Athletes .

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May each of you find a passion that calls you, invites you and compels you to contribute to the world. Even if your world is your family, church, temple or synagog. For some of us like Tracey it may be a demographic that is disenfranchised, disempowered or suffering with disease.

Being in service to something or someone greater than ourselves is the ‘juice’ of life itself.

Check out Tracey’s Blog

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