Episode 27 – Betsy Hartley

You will fall in love with this beautiful woman and incredibly courageous human being. You will also love her just released book “All Bets Are Off” Betsy took on her life right where she found herself. Diabetic, dramatically overweight. She hired a coach, Spencer Newell; yes the same Spencer Newel of Episode 24 and the [...]

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Episode 25 – Cylvia Hayes

Cylvia had been an environmental consultant and founder of 3 E Consulting. She then became “First Lady” of the State of Oregon and long time partner of former Gov John Kitzhaber. Of course, she had reached a level in public life where anything and everything becomes open season for journalists and the media. In October [...]

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Episode 24 – Spencer Newell

I got a call one day last summer from Craig Foster, a fellow ultra running buddy and brother in recovery saying “I just heard a guy by the name of Spencer Newell #spencernewell #appetiteforaddiction on the David Clarke Podcast and I think he lives pretty damned close to you.” I tracked down Spencer, who indeed [...]

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Episode 23 – Ann Rivera

Journey to The Heart... For several weeks, I will be providing a reminder of our new “Spoonful Of Light Superfoods”. It is a proprietary blend of 36 certified organic fruits, vegetables and superfoods that support immune function, increase endurance and energy. It also provides protection against inflammation as it is highly alkalizing. This formula is [...]

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Episode 20 – Steve Bell

This week’s guest is also a deeply loved and respected friend of 34 years. I met Steve In January of 1985 and we connected without even trying. We raised our families together as though we were family. My youngest son Chris works for Steve’s company, Bellmont Industries, and still refers to him as “uncle” Steve. [...]

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Episode 19 Featuring Rynda Laurel

From Rock & Roll To Recovery, To Catalyst, Strategist & Entrepreneur  Rynda is a fierce advocate for transformation. She lives in the world as a beautiful expression of creative passion, courageous adventure and selfless service. Listen with an open mind and heart as Rynda shares her experience, strength and hope. You know how you meet [...]

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