Why the hell would I care if at this age I could dream? What difference can I make….what difference can YOU make?  Hmm, I care because, if I’ve not already arrived, at 61 I am rapidly approaching OLD…oh, who am I kidding, prior my generation I would have been considered old for a few years now.

It wasn’t that long ago…in my mid 30’s – early 40’s, when my parents were approaching the age I am now, I used to think “Why in the world do they even bother getting out of bed in the morning? They are soooo OLD!”  Obviously someone forgot to tell me “blink and you are here…!”

2nd reason??? My imagination is being fired and a dream is burning down this old guys house of complacency. Now why would I bother with a dream? Or why would YOU? I am sooo OLD.

You see when I was young I carried a vision to play 3rd base for the Detroit Tigers (they didn’t call…but damn it I knew I was better than Orilio Rodriguez any day…ok I was 13 and I was all of that and a bag a chips),

OR live a life of creative service as a minister or maybe a Bob Dylan’esque beat-poet/singer songwriter. This dream didn’t die but it got crashed into a coma and has been surviving on life support for 48yrs.  As it awakens, being Bob Dylan has passed but the ache to live a committed purposeful creative life of service pounds in the cavern of my chest.

At 61 years old. I am on the back side of the bell-curve of the human experience and yet heart and mind are on a razor’s edge of creation. It would be so easy to go with, “what the hell do you have to contribute that might make a difference”? The not-so-quiet voice of “sit down, shut up, and watch another re-run of Gilligan’s Island cuz ya ain’t go nuthin’ to say that people haven’t already heard”.

Old men and women don’t dream any more…do they? It is my sad experience that most don’t, or haven’t until now.

There is an equal and opposite reaction to (thank god for physics) the voice of accusation. Something’s calling me and a deep question “Greg WHY do you want to pick up your pen, why are you launching a podcast, why are you picking up your camera? WHY!? This question comes from someone who really wants to know the answer. Like my answer will mean something.

WHY? Because I can’t not.

Here’s what I am awakening to as I begin to go ‘public’. I am begin with “anything worth doing is worth doing badly…for awhile”. Take a moment to listen to Episode 105 of “Creative Pep Talk”. Go to Amazon and get the “Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. Mastery will come with consistent committed practice but for now courage is the necessary ingredient; courage and persistence. Courage, persistence and fanning the embers of a dream. In this season that would have retirement seem reasonable, I am aflame with passionate desire.

I realize I’ve been writing this to my 61 year old self but there was a 21 year old self that could have used the other part of “Old men shall dream dreams” and that is “Young men shall have visions”.

Here’s what I’m wondering…is a dream awakening within YOU that find yourselves in the country of ‘old’?  Is a vision beginning to rage within YOU that find yourselves with ALL of life ahead of you (remember “Blink, and you’re here).

There is an amazing truth that can inspire we that are ‘old’ and you that are young; “our best days are still ahead of us”.

If you are simmering with dream or vision, please email me or look me up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Find a way to be the poet; pour your light into a spoon and lift it to nourish someone’s beautiful parched holy mouth.

Until Next week.

Mad Love,