I have no idea whether or not you feel an urge to “say something”, or have felt desperate to find your voice, express from a deep soulful place or just fucking rant. For as long as I can remember there has been a still small voice (Dr. Nesbaum doesn’t seem to be concerned), an urge, a sense that I carry ‘something’ (ramblings of this village’s idiot?…possibly) inside that is insistent it find its way into the world and be heard. And like many who have moments of inspiration turn to vapor the second they sit down with pen in hand or fingers hovering over unstroked keys, that ‘voice’ seems, a pinched helium induced squeak, which quickly settles into “Ah, shit who the hell do you think you are…don’t even think about it…Don’t EVEN!!!”

If the Tao de Ching has tapped anything close to truth, I should probably hit delete, put the pen down and keep my mouth shut, click the pen closed and leave the keys ‘unstroked’. Cuz, the Tao says “he who knows doesn’t speak. He who won’t shut the fuck up…doesn’t know.”  Of course Lao Tsu, the Tao’s author, went on to pen over 5,000 words writing this priceless volume. Hmmm!!! So, maybe there is a place to speak, write, blog, photograph, sing,  in order to exhale the inspiration that has seeped into this man’s soul.

It is written, “do you have the patience to wait for your mud to settle and the water to become clear? Can you remain unmoving until the right action appears?”

My life resembles a scene from “The Matrix” where Neo, Keanu Reeves and Morpheus, Lawrence Fishburne are sitting face to face in over-sized, cracked leather, wing-back chairs in a vacant room that looks like the remains of a WWII bombing raid. Morpheus explains what has brought the young Neo to this moment. Between them is a table with a box which Morpheus opens. Inside? Two pills. It is said “take the blue pill and all memory of what you’ve experienced thus far will be erased and life will continue as you’ve known it. Take the red pill however AND YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK”.

At some point something or someone extended the same choice to me. I took the red pill and…