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Light In A Spoon showed up in my life 16 years ago when I picked up a book called "I Heard God Laughing, Renderings of Hafiz". Each poem cracked open bits of my heart and mind as I let the humor and wisdom of this ancient master seep into the deeper parts of ME. The MAGIC and SELFLESSNESS of 'A Poet' ignited a fire that burned hot with possibility in the secret place, unexpressed...until NOW. Light In A Spoon, A Poem By Hafiz A Poet is someone who can pour light into a spoon Then raise it To Nourish Your beautiful parched, holy mouth. (Hafiz)


True Love my dear, Is putting an ironclad grip Upon the Sore Swollen Balls Of a divine rogue elephant AND .....not having the good fortune to die (Hafiz) First thought...You can be f@(king serious. I thought love was the usher-us-into-Jerry McGuire world. You know "You complete me"..."You had me at hello" and we go on [...]

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Old Men & Women Shall Dream Dreams!

Why the hell would I care if at this age I could dream? What difference can I make....what difference can YOU make?  Hmm, I care because, if I’ve not already arrived, at 61 I am rapidly approaching OLD…oh, who am I kidding, prior my generation I would have been considered old for a few years [...]

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Astonished – Live It Every Day

I don't know about you but I wake up most mornings with an expectation that today may hold, well a few pretty ordinary challenges...and for the most part I wake up into my own version of Groundhog's Day. HERE WE GO AGAIN... I grow familiar with how life should go and if I am honest, [...]

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Weaving Straw Into…The magic of Alchemy

I am about to let you read an entry of my personal journal, Star Date, Aug 15, 2016...hmmm, can you say feeling vulnerable??? I'll bet you can. God, I am a writer. More specifically I am becoming a published author. I am conveying the wonderful/awfulness of life, the human condition, and the world through photography. [...]

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I Gotta f@#{‘ing say something

I have no idea whether or not you feel an urge to "say something", or have felt desperate to find your voice, express from a deep soulful place or just fucking rant. For as long as I can remember there has been a still small voice (Dr. Nesbaum doesn't seem to be concerned), an urge, [...]

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