I don’t know about you but I wake up most mornings with an expectation that today may hold, well a few pretty ordinary challenges…and for the most part I wake up into my own version of Groundhog’s Day.


I grow familiar with how life should go and if I am honest, I do my damnedest to make sure it does. Until life brings about ‘circumstances’ that extended an invitation for me to live everyday astonished by the incredible experience LIFE is.


“In the last days (whatever last days might mean) OLD MEN/WOMEN will DREAM DREAMS.” Now why would that astonish this guy?¬†Well hell, let me think about this for just a moment..Could be that I am one of the OLD MEN!!! It is in these days at 61 years old that dreams are being birthed. Dreams of living a creative life that includes forgetting “Groundhog Day” in favor of birthing at least one dream and delivering it alive and of benefit, beyond me.

Forgetting GHD (Groundhog Day) is forgetting the “American dream”; retirement. Forgetting GHC is forgetting that “at my age” it is time and season to ‘slow down’. Forgetting GHD is forgetting that this season is ‘MY TIME”.

While I believe in self-care and being profoundly compassionate with a self that has been bruised along life’s path, I also believe an epic experience of life is to make the bruising worthy of my life. Make the bruising worthy of YOUR life. I am also Astonished by the way LIFE brings ‘opportunities’ wrapped in the bloodied paper of a butcher shop.

An old man’s/woman’s dream can be birthed as something is dying. Something expected to be long-lasting and built to endure. Something like a marriage or a business or a deep friendship. Sometimes these precious things DIE. Not long after such a death, an old man/woman has a choice. Do “I” die along with the death of my ‘precious’ or do I engage my imagination to birth a something NEW? A Dream!!!

For this old man death knocked on my door several times over the last 18 months in the form of –

  • Divorce from the woman I stated “I’ve had my last first date”. –

  • Losing my mother –

  • Health shit including a broken leg that gave me time to be alone with the above. –

  • A devastating business reversal that included the betrayal from a man I assumed had my back. Because I had had his.

Guess what? I am choosing ” I will not go quietly into the night”. I am truly astonished as I am giving birth to a dream. A dream that I have held at bay for decades. A dream to be of contribution to many who live lives of quiet desperation. It is called… LIGHT IN A SPOON